RO-500L/H Reverse osmosis water treatment+Mixed Bed

The reverse osmosis(RO) water filter system is equipped with a full set of a clean unit。 It has the features of simple structure, convenient operation, and high technological level。 Water treatment is equipped for pure water, mineral water, and water used in beverage drink。 It contains RO, filter, ultrafilter, activated carbon filter, ion exchange, ozone processor etc。

500L/H Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Water treatment of Yuanyang Machinery

1000L/H Reverse osmosis water treatment
Full stainless steel of Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis is reverse migration movement of the infiltration。It has been widely used in the purification and concentration of various liquid。One of the most common examples is use in water treatment techniques。With reverse osmosis technology,it can remove the inorganic ions,bacteria,viruses,and organic matter and colloidal impurities from the raw water,so as to obtain high-quality pure water in cosmetic and food production lines。

Reverse osmosis water treatment +EDI (full stainless steel)
Reverse osmosis water treatment(full stainless steel)
Secondary reverse osmosis water treatment( full stainless steel)
Reverse osmosis water treatment

this system occupy little space, easy to operate, wide application range

Over-current type ultraviolet sterilizer

sterilizer machine





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