Type B heating shear emulsification equipment

Horizontal spiral powder mixer

Type B heating shear emulsifying equipment 

Main features: 
Heating interlayer. The material is 304 stainless steel sheets both inside and outside. The thickness of inside sheet is 2.5mm while the outside is 1.5mm. Also keep constant temperature .Can heating by water or oil ,Providing the function of mixing, homogenizing,  emulsifying and three-level water treatment. The production capacity is pretty high ,can produce 200KG every half an hour. It's the first choice for small and medium production of shampoo, body lotion, Auto Water Wax, Table board liquid, hair conditioner, Leather polish and so on.. 

Operating principle:
Can use running water and well water directly. Through heating interlayer, heating the deionized water to the named temperature. Then pouring the materials into the emulsifying layer, mixing , dispersing and emulsifying. after cooling can output 

Technical description: 
Voltage: 220V                                Mixing motor power : 0.75kw 
Emulsification motor: 0.55kw          Water motor: 0.37kw 
Heating power: 12kw                       Volume: 200L 
Weight: 250kg 
External dimensions: 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.75(m) 









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