Type B tube type emulsification equipment

Horizontal spiral powder mixer

Type B pipeline emulsifying equipment 

Main features: 
The material is 304 stainless steel. Providing the function of mixing, dispersion, high-performance shear and emulsifying and three-level water treatment. High production efficiency and stable quality . It's the first choice for producing detergent product such as shampoo,body lotion, washing detergent. 

Operating principle: 
Can directly treat the tap water. The Pipeline High Shear Dispersing Emulsifier is a high-performance equipment. It can make the material processing continuously and circularly. Breaking through the traditional high-speed scattering and abrasion processes,  using a high-speed rotor and a precision stator operating chamber to create a strong hydraulic shearing force, a centrifugal extrusion pressure and a high-frequency mechanical effect, enabling adequate material fining. And make the production homogeneous and capacity stable. 

Technical description: 
Voltage: 220V                             Mixing motor power : 0.75kw 
Emulsification motor: 0.55kw       Water treatment motor: 0.37kw 
Weight: 150kg                              Volume: 200L 
External dimensions: 1.5×0.8×1.65(m) 

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