100 Hydraulic Homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Horizontal spiral powder mixer

100 Hydraulic Homogenizer Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

Device description: 
Turbine emulsification machine is a three coaxial mixer, suitable for stable emulsification, produce particles is very small. The emulsion quality depends on the preparation phase particles is how to be distributed. The smaller the particle is, gathered on the surface of the trend is more weak, so the less the chance of emulsion was destroyed. Depending on the mixing action reversed blade, processing conditions of homogeneous in the vacuum state, mixed and emulsified to obtain high quality effect.
Turbine emulsification machine has good performance in high quality assurance of final products" 

Product introduction: 
HY-100 vacuum emulsification machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, based on the paste process of cosmetics, ointment products specially designed, the unit of emulsion mixing pot, pretreatment system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electric control system etc. 

The basic configuration and technical parameter: 
The whole device part system: including the emulsion mixing pot, pretreatment system, vacuum system, hydraulic system, electrical control system

Emulsifying pot: 
The volume of work 100L, SUS316L stainless steel materials, electric heating / steam heating, water cooling two 
The pot with three sets of stirring device: 
"Shear vortex emulsification blender, power 4KW speed of 0 - 3500r/min, (VVVF)
The wall velocity frame type mixer, power 1.5KW speed of 0 - 40 r/min (VVVF)
Slow reverse mixer, motor and slow scraping mixer for the same motor (speed, 0-40r/min)" 

Tank attached device: 
vacuum pressure gauge,vacuum suction port with filter screen,sight glass with scraper,air release valve,essence hopper,light lamp,sprinkler 

Pretreatment pot: 
50L oil tank;80L water tank 
Vacuum system: 
The water ring vacuum pump 
Hydraulic system: 
Cylinder, solenoid valve, relief valve, oil tank, pressure retaining valve 
Electric control system: 
PLC toch screen control / button control 









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