Wholesale Low Price Moisture Analyzer

Rapid moisture analyzer can be widely used in industry, mining enterprises, agriculture, scientific research institutions, and other industries. It can quickly test the free ion moisture in chemical raw materials, fuel, grain, soil, pharmaceutical raw materials, paper, food, textile raw materials, tea, feed, and other samples. This instrument is also a necessary test equipment for QS and HACCP certification in food and drinking water factories.

Customized Microscope Price

The microscope is an optical instrument consisting of a lens or a combination of several lenses。 It is the symbol of human entering the atomic era。 It is mainly used to magnify small objects as instruments that can be seen by human eyes。

Buy Discount Homogenizer In Stock

The lab homogenizer is widely used in the lab experimentation, to test or develop a new product. With small size, high price-quality ratio and easy to operate.

Low Price Rotary Viscometer

This machine is to control electric circuit, gearless running, RTD temperature probe real-time monitor and measure the viscosity temperature。 It can directly display viscosity, rotate speed, centigrade meter torque, rotor number and fathomable max viscosity at current condition。

Low Price Mixer Manufactures

This machine can be widely used in laboratories or testing workshop for the mixing of low, moderate or high viscosity liquids。

Buy Discount Disperser

The dispenser is powered by micromotors of compact-structured Series excitation type, so the products can be widely used in laboratories or testing workshop for the mixing of low, moderate or high viscosity liquids。

Buy Low Price Super Clean Workbench

Clean workbench, also named clean bench, it is suitable for scientific research and production departments requiring local clean aseptic working environment, such as medical hygiene, biopharmaceuticals, food, medical science experiment, optics, electronics, aseptic laboratory experiment, aseptic microorganism test, plant tissue culture inoculation, etc.

Constant Temperature Incubator Suppliers

This machine is a general term for the prostatic chamber, which is widely used in medical and health, the pharmaceutical industry, biochemistry, industrial production and agricultural science and other scientific research departments. Its main function is to cultivate various microorganisms, tissues, cells, and other organisms.

Analytical Scale Price In Stock

An analytical balance is an instrument for accurately weighing certain substances。 An analytical balance is an indispensable and important instrument in quantitative analysis, which can accurately weigh up to 0。0001g。





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